Dr. William Chai , PhD Professor of Business Administration, IAE . EMBA, National Political Science University. "Father of New Humanism for Global Chinese"

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(Date:2022/04/30   IAE )

Dr.William Chai is a Ph.D. professor of IAE International Academy and the general convener of IAE Global New Humanity for Global Industry, Government and Education. For decades, he has been obligated to assist Taiwan's technology industry to upgrade, and he has been retired from global humanitarian public welfare organizations. For many years, he is now dedicated to serving the United States Together with the high-level core leaders of the United Nations humanitarian non-profit organization in Canada, for the past three years, he has spared no effort in providing humanitarian support, new solutions, global delivery, and distribution of humanitarian resources for the global COVID-19 prevention and control. The role model of 1.5 billions of Chinese.

Dr. William Chai , a prominent cross-strait stock investment figure, is currently the chairman of Zhongyu Venture Capital Company, the former general manager of ITRI Innovation Technology Transfer Company, the president of the Cross-Strait Agricultural Development Promotion Association, and the chairman of Zhongyu Venture Capital Management Consulting Co., Ltd. .

  Dr. William Chai has more than 30 years of experience in professional investment advisory services. Participated in Taiwan's major construction projects (China Steel, nuclear power plants), promoted Taiwan's major science and technology projects (high-definition TV, LCD display, aerospace industry, rail vehicles), planned and participated in the evaluation of multiple high-tech projects, and facilitated investment and company establishment (Jingyuan, ASRock, AUO, Wangneng), participated in a number of venture capital fund raisings (Xinyu, Vision, Elite, SMEs, Fubon Biomedical), with expertise in organizational planning, communication and coordination, strategic analysis, system adjustment, etc. ability.

  Professor. Chai  is a professor at the IAE American International Baccalaureate School and a Ph.D. in Management from the International Baccalaureate School. He is an EMBA member of the Yushan Association in Toronto, Taiwan, the Automation Institute of Arizona State University in the United States, the Systems Engineering Institute of the California Institute of Technology in the United States, and the Taiwan National Institute of Business Administration. Bachelor of Science from National Cheng Kung University. (Forum Global Report/Cross-Strait News Summit during Congress)

I.A.E  Professor Dr. William Chai core initiator of the International Anti-epidemic Industry Alliance (IAIA) (Canada)

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